I am excited to start my term as the 2018/19 CCSAI President! Before that, however, I would like to acknowledge and thank Ravneet Kaur, the current president, and the entire Board of Directors for their hard work and effort this past year to improve our services, events, initiatives, and presence on campus.

During my term, I plan to raise students’ awareness of services, events, and available opportunities to increase engagement and participation in all the amazing extra-curricular experiences that the College has to offer. This will require strong team-building and leadership development within the Board of Directors, but also a deliberate collaboration with various departments from the College.

I will also focus on centralizing student concerns to ensure that we capture students’ needs and are able to advocate on their behalf. We want to make sure that we improve what needs to be improved using YOUR feedback; instead of improving what we think should be improved. Matching your vision with ours will be a challenging task, but we will work hard to ensure we do out best to meet your needs.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback or concerns feel free to reach out to me, your campus representatives, or visit any CCSAI office.

Be sure to count on us, and I truly hope you’ll engage with us throughout the upcoming year!

Sam Casais
President Elect, CCSAI

I have had an amazing two years with the CCSAI and I would like to share some thoughts as my term comes to an end. I would first like to thank everyone for all the support, my fellow Board members, and coworkers.

I want to wish the incoming president Sam Casais and the 2018/19 Board of Directors all the best. I know they will do a great job representing Centennial College students and continue to contribute to the community as student leaders.

We were able to accomplish so much this year despite the challenges. We signed a memorandum of understanding with Centennial College, implemented online voting, made changes to the Board structure including a vote of confidence for the president and new executive positions, streamlined the advocacy model to provide online access, and will roll out even more improvements to the domestic student health plan in the fall. We have held so many great events, student forums, and created new “how to adult” workshops to provide students with support outside of just academics. We also won the “Display Your Pride” contest, and the cross-Canada Yellow is For Hello Lip Sync Battle.

I’m happy we were able to raise concerns about transit and achieve some concrete changes. This was one of my main goals and I hope the Board of Directors can continue to make transit and food security priorities for the CCSAI.

It has been wonderful representing the students of Centennial College. I am grateful for the opportunity to have led such a diverse and vibrant community and I hope you continue engaging, learning and leading.

Ravneet Kaur
President, CCSAI