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We are featuring Council For Change an exciting group of students hoping to make a positive impact in this Club Spotlight.

Council for Change (CFC) is a student-led club under the CCSAI that provides support for students from the Child and Youth Care program and promotes positivity and kindness through our hosted events for the Centennial College Community.

To find out more visit the Council For Change Instagram account or you can reach out by email.

The Courier spoke with CFC President Frincess Arbour and Vice President Stephanie Manuel.

How did you get involved with the Council for Change?

Generally, students show interest in our club when we visit classrooms to talk about our club and some of the different events that we host. We call this recruitment. Currently, since we are online now, we have created a video and then schedule times with professors to see if we can pop into zoom classes if anybody has any questions about our recruitment video.

What are you hoping to accomplish with Council for Change?

To make a positive impact in the college community, with all of the students in the Child and Youth Care program and in the surrounding communities.

What events and services have you offered so far?

In the past, we were able to do a coat drive for the community. We have also been able to implement our Random Acts of Kindness event throughout the Progress campus. These events consist of our club providing breakfast, lunch bags, treat bags, and positive messages to the student body.

This year, we were able to partner up with CCSAI and do more online self-care bundles for students who were nominated by a peer.

How has the Council for Change impacted your college experience?

Council for Change prioritizes the importance of building relationships between students from all years and sections of our program through support and mentorship for one another.

How has COVID impacted your club?

It has encouraged us to think of new ways to spread kindness and love to one another and the college community. It has also created an opportunity for us to meet, plan, and discuss more frequently through virtual meetings and chat groups. Even though it is really hard to celebrate or to implement activities and school functions online, we are getting better and creating that experience for our peers.

What skills have you acquired through your club involvement?

Council for Change has executive positions available for members. Participation in the Council for Change club can be used for one of the competencies for the Student leadership Passport here at Centennial College.  The Leadership Passport allows students an opportunity to earn a “Distinction in Leadership” when they graduate.  Having gained experience from becoming a member will look great on a resume and provide members with experiences to share with potential field placement supervisors and eventual employers. We also have several subcommittees within our club that allow students to take on responsibilities and gain leadership skills. Attending meetings, learning how to navigate Zoom and Microsoft Teams, brainstorming, event planning, and working in groups are just a few of the skills that our members have been able to acquire.