By Zainab Chunawala

College life is turbulent. It comes with glorious highs and days that make you question the very decision of being here!

There is stress and anxiety, the work load drives us mad and there’s always a pressure to perform well. Nevertheless, you can’t discount the amazing friends made, opportunities received, and the valuable relationships built over this stint.

The time to graduate is here for some of us, and a period of mixed feelings! I know I’m sailing in the same boat, anxious about what lies ahead. I have a vague plan of what I’m going to do but at the same time, I’m not a hundred per cent confident.

And also, feeling gloomy to let go of this comfortable space and safe learning environment that was home for the past year!

That being said, it’s important to make the most of the time and use the resources available while we still can. Taking the time to reflect and dig deep, reminiscing and enjoying while we can!

Here’s something I read that resonates with me, and maybe will with you too; “It’s great to plan for your future. Just don’t live there, because really nothing ever happens in the future. Whatever happens, happens now, so live your life where the action is — now.”

Speaking to some graduating students, here’s some insight on what the general sentiment is like!

Marcus Pagkalinawan

“Some parts of the semesters were tough! It took time and energy and a lot of hard work to manage to course work. I think that has made me ready for the industry and my career post-college. I’m excited to start the journey after college and see what’s in store for me.”

Liliana Rodriguez

“It has been a great experience!! The diversity here at Centennial has helped me learn more and not just the academics! I enjoyed the opportunity as CISA (Centennial International Student Ambassador) and would encourage all the new students to participate in college and CCSAI activities.”

Sanket Shah

“As an international student the beginning was difficult for me initially and now suddenly I feel that time flies so quickly. I spent most amazing time… volunteering, managing events, helping students, going on trips and many more. I am going to miss every single minute that I spent on campus for studies and the extra-curricular activities.”

Malaika Oza

“Centennial hasn’t just been a school, it’s been a home away from home. Graduating and leaving school is going to be the hardest because not only did we learn a lot academically, but we also made memories for life.”