I am in my graduating semester in the law clerk program at Centennial College. I feel absolutely privileged to be a part of the Board of Directors at Centennial College Student Association Inc. This experience as a student leader was far more amazing than I expected. The day I started as an advocate at CCSAI, there was a question that struck me all the time. The question was, “How will I manage this job and everything all together?”

Being a student leader is a very big responsibility. I had no idea that with great responsibility, all that coming my way was a great experience and a big lesson that will act as a crucial component of my life. It was a really good start, but then obstacles started popping up. There were very few things that kept me going. First, the most amazing thing was my team. No matter what the situation was, my team always kept me motivated. Another thing that kept me going was my passion to make a change and do something for the betterment of the students.

I wanted to do something new for students in relation to our advocacy service. I was going through our website to check out some stuff and got an idea to do something different. I realized that we can make advocacy resources more accessible to students through our website even if they are at home. I found out what the most frequent problems are that students here at Centennial College faced. Some Board members also joined me in this initiative by giving me some ideas that helped support my plan. After that, my fellow advocate Chantal introduced the new advocacy structure that she had been working on for a long time. This structure became a backbone to my plan.

Helping students, studying, managing life, and working on this new initiative was challenging to manage all at once. The passion to learn and do something out of the box was still alive in my heart. This passion at the end pushed me and helped me to accomplish everything together. I have motivated students to self-advocate and stand up for what they deserve. So many obstacles came my way and I also thought of quitting at one point because it was so stressful, but that spark to do something for all Centennial students, to improve their college experience, always kept me motivated. The biggest thing that I learned is that:

“No matter how many obstacles come, what keeps us going is that one spark to make a change.”

Iranpreet Kaur
Centennial College Student Association Inc.