This is a new segment to bring you quick updates about exciting things happening at the CCSAI, Centennial College, on campus and around post-secondary education.

Food Accessibility

Healthy food accessibility and affordability have become some of the biggest issues raised this semester. With the changes to OSAP and everything seemingly getting more expensive, student budgets are getting squeezed more and more every day.

We have been working with Toronto FoodShare distributing Good Food Boxes through the Progress Campus Student Centre for years but we wanted to do more.

This semester we have also been teaming up with Colts and CALCS to distribute free healthy food at pop-ups across the college. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the initiative and demand has been high. We are looking to continue these pop-ups throughout the semester.

Another additional support that we have been working on for a while is a campus food bank at Progress. While we have partnered with organizations in the past on food drives, we wanted to make a permanent service that could provide non-perishable food items to students in need on campus. Continue to follow us for announcements and more details as they become available.

Transforming the Future

It’s almost that time of the semester again!

Every year we pledge up to $100,000 to support projects that will transform the future of Centennial College. We will be opening applications in the next few weeks. All you have to do is put together a proposal for an initiative that you feel will make a difference for years to come. The opportunity is open to all Centennial College students, faculty, and staff.

Last year we installed secure charging stations at all campuses, new furniture in common spaces, nap pods, Trug Gardens at Progress, and much more.

Do you have an idea that you think will have a positive impact at Centennial? Simply visit for more information and for the application package when it becomes available.

Toys for Tots!

Students have all kinds of different lives and often need many different kinds of supports. Students who are also parents can occasionally find themselves needing to bring their children along with them to campus and the library. When the children get bored or need something to keep them entertained it can sometimes be hard to make sure they have access to a variety of fun and engaging materials.

Centennial Libraries has come up with a great solution, Busy Boxes! These are containers filled with age-appropriate activities materials and toys including; crayons, stickers and craft materials, a variety of toys, blocks and building items.

They are available at every Centennial campus library. All you have to do is ask at the circulation desk.