Did you hear? We are making food services at Centennial greener!

This year alone, we’ve eliminated water coolers in all offices and facilities. We’ve replaced them with fountains and water bottle filling stations at four of our campuses, eliminating over one million plastic bottles.

We’re also replacing plastic straws as of January 2019 with by request only paper straws. Reducing our semester straw consumption from 3000 to 1500. We are also using 100% compostable cutlery only provided at the point of purchase.

Bring your own reusable cup and receive 10% off of the purchase of a hot beverage.

As of Sept. 2019, the Union Bar & Grill drink cups and lids are 100% corn starch and will decompose in two months.

We have also discontinued the condiment station and replaced it with recyclable packets of ketchup, mustard, relish and hot sauce.

Show you care, do your share!