Save money, eat healthy and do good for the community? The CCSAI Good Food Box is all that and more!

For more information on the Good Food Box and how to order visit the CCSAI website.

By: Zainab Chunawala

Did you know you can get fresh affordable fruits and vegetables delivered to you right here on campus? CCSAI in partnership with FoodShare Toronto offers the Good Food Box—a reasonable, good quality fruit and vegetable box option for students at costs lower than you would find at a grocery store!

FoodShare Toronto is a not for profit organization that works with communities and schools to deliver healthy food and food education to vulnerable communities.

FoodShare Toronto explains what the Good Food Box is all about.
“Locally grown fruits and vegetables are delivered bi-weekly through this service that students can pre-order at any campus, for pick up at Progress campus. It can be tailored to their needs, such as pre-cut items for added convenience or super-sized boxes for larger families. We understand the role food plays in building healthy lives, families, and communities. This is especially true in the case of college students who are balancing multiple things at the same time, and healthy food doesn’t always take priority. Delivering the Good Food Box right on campus, makes it practical and accessible for them, facilitating a better diet.”

The cost of the Good Food Box depends on the size. The small box that feeds 1-2 people for a week costs about $14, while the large one is $19 and serves 3 people for a week.


You can also opt for a Wellness Box that comes with portioned and pre-cut fruits and veggies at the same cost. The Fruit Box comes brimmed with local fruits and is also $14. Organic produce is also available—the small box is priced at $25 and large at $35.

Maggie Kalembe, office coordinator at CCSAI Morningside campus, explains how to place your order for these boxes. “The good food box is available bi-weekly; May 14th, 2019 is the date to place the first order this semester and you will receive it on May 22nd. You can find the whole schedule for the semester on the CCSAI website. The order can be placed on any campus (payment mode is cash only) and is available to collect at Progress campus CCSAI Office anytime before 5 p.m. that day. With the produce being season specific, summer usually has the best variety and quality of offerings. The quantities are also quite substantial—the small Good Food Box being the most cost-effective and filling option, makes it the most popular selection amongst students!”