By Geoffrey Mosher

Name: Randine Fogarthy
Position: Clubs Liaison
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica

How did you get to be on the board?

It started first with me getting involved. Getting to a country with no family or friends and I was forced to get involved because I didn’t want to be alone. The CCSAI was a way to get involved, making friends and it’s now kind of like my forever home because of it. It has helped me to change how I am; being awkward and really introverted. It has helped me to be more comfortable interacting with people.

What made you pick Centennial?

Centennial had the course that fit more into what I wanted to do and it was affordable. It just felt right when I sent in my application for Centennial.

What’s your experience been working with the CCSAI?

There have been highs and lows but more highs than lows. It allows me to experience more of a country that I know nothing about and made me want to learn more about it.

Interacting with mini-versions of myself from Jamaica when I see them at orientation and I can meet their families. Just giving them that reassurance that I wish I had when I just started at Centennial. That’s been a really cool experience for me to connect with students and help them to feel comfortable.

Finding that forever home in Centennial and the CCSAI has been a huge deal for me. With conferences and stuff like that, getting the opportunity to come out of the province for the first time was really amazing.

What was that experience like?

It was COCA (entertainment conference in New Brunswick), it was a conference with events coordinators, engagement coordinators and club liaisons to help them and to give them ideas as to how to improve their program, what events. I got the opportunity to meet people from all across Canada. Experiencing a different part of Canada was really great.

Do you have any advice for international students looking to get involved?

Talk to as many people as you possibly can and try not to be so introverted. Volunteering will change your life when it comes to having that student experience.

Make use of that tuition that you have already paid. You want to use all the services that are available from the CCSAI with the lawyer service – which is amazing – First Impressions, all the services that can help you and make you not want to leave like me.

Being ok with opening up yourself and being comfortable with someone. Ask about scholarships and talk to departments because it will take you further than you think it would. Two years ago if someone told me I was going to get three scholarships and be on the board of directors and be in charge of the clubs I would have thought they’re lying because I wasn’t close to that two years ago.

Plans for the future?

To be a community development worker in whatever facet that is. Mainly I want to focus on student engagement whether it be working the Student Life department at Centennial or another college. I realize through CCSAI that I thrive in that environment helping students and helping them to improve their college experience and their life.