I hope the winter semester is going great for you so far. While the semester is quickly passing, there is still lots of time to get involved! We have just wrapped up elections and appointments – you can find more details about how to get involved below.

I want to first address the upcoming changes to tuition, ancillary fees, and OSAP that the government has announced for Fall 2019. The good news is that all of our domestic students will be receiving a 10% savings on tuition, and all of our students will be able to have a greater degree of choice for what non-tuition fees they pay for.

The less than good news for many of our students is that there will also be significant changes to OSAP including the elimination of full tuition grants. While there is still not a confirmed breakdown, we know that all student assistance will now feature more loans and the 6-month interest-free period after graduation is gone. This will make education less affordable for many of our students. The optional funding will also put very important services like academic transparency/grade appeal support, affordable food programs and community-building events at risk of ceasing operation from lack of funding.

We are working hard with our partners to gather the pertinent information to understand the full potential impact on students and to advocate for changes and updates that will minimize the negative impacts. Please take the time to time to learn more about what changes are coming, to understand what services and activities your ancillary fees pay for and to voice any of your concerns to your local MPPs, the Minister, and Premier – you can find contact information for this on our website under the Board Updates section. We hope you appreciate the value that we bring to your Centennial journey by supporting your academic and personal success. We look forward to continuing to engage with you and hope we can continue to offer you all of our services and support.

As mentioned, appointed positions for our 2019/2020 Board of Directors just closed. We have a new group of students helping to lead the CCSAI. If you are passionate about student’s success and want to work towards improving how the CCSAI caters to students reach out to us for any opportunities to get involved. You can also visit CCSAI.ca for more information about our appointed positions and the new board.

You can also sign up to volunteer with us by filling the volunteer form on our website (http://ccsai.ca/volunteer-app/).

Reach out to us at any time through email, phone, or drop by our offices at any moment!

[email protected]
416-289-5000 ext. 2324