By Zainab Chunawala

All registered international students at the College are covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan offered through This covers expenses that can be incurred from emergency medical services you need while you are studying in Canada and is valid
anywhere in the world, except in your home country.

How can I get my policy number and health card?

Four weeks after the semester begins, all international students receive a PDF of their unique Card and policy information on their myCentennial email account. Marion Crawford, the Student Life Coordinator from International Student Services at the college explains the procedure, “Search for your policy information on your MyCentennial email with the term ‘’ Once you get the policy number, create an account on the website (with your MyCentennial email address as a username and temporary password within the same email) that has details about the plan, nearby medical clinics
and option to submitting claims”

What is covered in my insurance plan?

The benefits include 100% eligible charges for doctors’ visits, hospitalization and accidental injuries & emergencies. Prescription medications for up to a 30 days’ supply, and accidental eye and dental injuries up to $100 and $600 respectively.

For a detailed benefits summary visit

Pro Tip: You can call (905) 752-6200 / 1-888-756-8428 to find out exactly whether the service you will be taking is covered by the insurance or not. This is important since diagnostic tests, scans etc in Canada can go upwards of $500 + and it’s better to know if these can be claimed before making the out of pocket expense.

Mental Health Coverage

Insurance also covers mental health. Services through psychotherapists and psychologists up to $1000 can be claimed if used. safe (Through is student support program that provides 24/7 confidential service with advisors who speak your language, understand your culture and are specifically equipped to dealing with the unique challenges that international students face.

• You can connect using the My SSP App from Apple or Android store

• Calling1-844-451-9700 for students in Canada or US and 1-416-380-6578
for Study Abroad Students

• Chatting with a professional online on the website

How and where do I use my card?

There are some walk-in clinics that will accept your policy information and you do not need to make any payment since the charges will be billed to Guard me directly. Apple Tree clinics is one such provider. You can visit the website to know which clinics around you have this option. To use this service, you will need to present photo identification, and your guard me card. It’s always a better idea to have money at your disposal, in case anything you need is not covered and requires payment.

Crawford shares another tip to keep in mind, “Make sure to click a picture of your card. It’s also important to always have a print out of the card in your wallet since many clinics and hospitals require the hard copy.”

Mobile Doctor

Guard.Me also has another option where you can receive assistance. After you sign up on (you will need your policy number), you can describe your symptoms and a doctor will review the information within minutes. You can connect via text, audio and video chat to have your consultation. The doctors can diagnose and prescribe medication as necessary and advise on the next steps.

A note of caution: Only limited illnesses can be recognized and treated through these services. It’s important to look at the complete list at 

Crawford elaborates on the best practice to follow when deciding what option to use.

“The health system in Canada is different from other countries. If you have a medical condition which is minor in nature, consider the Mobile Doctor option which can be convenient. Triage to a walk in clinic if the condition you deem as emergent and ultimately an ER, or hospital.”

How do I make a claim?

When you visit a health care provider that doesn’t have an option of direct billing to, you will be required to make a payment at the time. Make sure to ask for and keep all the receipts, proof of payment and notes, which you will need for submitting a claim.

Any claims under $2500 can be made online, through your account that you set up. You will need your receipts and any medical records that the health care professional provides, and your policy number.

For claims bigger than $2500, log in your account, select the mail-in option, and follow instructions.

Any claims related queries can be addressed at [email protected]

What happens when I graduate?

After the academic year, the student insurance is no longer valid. If you would like to continue with the plan, you can do so at a special price, if you choose to buy the extended health plan within 1 month of the last date on your current student insurance.

(e.g. If your semester starts-1st September 2018, and your insurance expires on 31st August 2019, you can choose to extend the plan for another 6 months—until 28th February for a lump sum amount: around $360).

All current students can also add a dependent (a spouse/child) to their plan through the website: The charges are $1.65 per day/per person. The inclusions and benefits differ with these options, its best to familiarize yourself with the policy before purchasing.

Options around campus that accept health card:
(make sure to call and check for their timings and days open).

Virtual Options

If you are at the Progress campus and would like to see a doctor, Appletree clinics now have a tele-medical clinic at SSAS (right by the gym), where you can talk to a doctor.
The timings of operation are 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. – Tuesdays to Fridays.