If you’re a new student, welcome to Centennial! If you’re a returning student, welcome back from the holiday break! It’s winter semester and soon we’ll be covered in snow if we aren’t already. If this is your first winter in Canada, I hope you enjoy doing snow angels and having snowball fights! But remember to be safe by wearing appropriate winter clothing and walking in safe, designated pathways.

Some of the things you can look forward to this semester are the multiple events, club and co-curricular opportunities during Engagement Week in February.

If you attended our Annual General Meeting in October or have kept up-to-date with the Courier, you probably know that this year, our Board of Directors committed to complete seven deliverables. Make sure you attend our Special General Meeting at the beginning of February to hear an update on each deliverable.

In February, the CCSAI will open applications to run for elected positions on our Board of Directors. If you are passionate about students’ success and want to work towards improving how CCSAI caters to student needs, this is your opportunity to join! Make sure you keep an eye out for posters and social media posts as well as information on our website regarding the nomination, campaign and election dates!

You can also sign up to volunteer with us by filling out the volunteer form on our website.

Reach out to us at any time through email, phone, or drop by our offices at any moment!