I hope you’ve had some time to rest or get involved during Engagement Week at the end of October. We’re here to support your student experience for the rest of the semester and your time at Centennial, so make sure you visit our offices and participate during our events, join one of our clubs or take advantage of the many services that we offer!

During October we had our Annual General Meeting where we ratified our Board of Directors, approved amended
by-laws, approved our operating budget and ratified many more student clubs. Now we have over 35 clubs that you can be a part of!

Look out for Thrive Week happening the week of November 12 – 16, where you’ll see the CCSAI and many other college departments hosting events throughout all campuses. That week is also the International Education Week that brings many more events and engagement opportunities! Make sure you also keep your eyes open for our CCSAI Giveaway Week and our Destress Week in early December.

If you’ve noticed a new course pinned to your courses in your eCentennial dashboard named “Leadership Passport”, make sure you check it out! The Centennial College Sloan Leadership Academy launched in October and is now open to all students who wish to pursue the Leadership Passport.

If you’re looking for opportunities to volunteer, make sure you sign up with us by filling the volunteer form on our website http://ccsai.ca/volunteer-app/.

We look forward to engaging with you and making your experience at Centennial the best it can be. Help us keep ourselves accountable to you by providing feedback through email or phone, and dropping by our offices at any moment!

Sam Casais
President CCSAI
[email protected]
416-289-5000 Ext. 2324