By Jordan Tam, AWC Personal Trainer

Full Bodyweight Routine, Anywhere & Anytime!

Why bodyweight?

As humans, we use our own bodyweight as a foundation for strength. When we sit on a chair we squat. When we pick up objects from the floor we lunge. When we climb on a ledge, we use our bodyweight for strength. Think of your body as a house. Not all houses have the same foundation. Some are strong, some become weak over time and some need some work done. If we work on building a solid foundation, we can then add more floors, walls and other supports to build a bigger, stronger house. On the other hand, if we have a poor foundation and decide we want to try to add layers, sooner or later the foundation will start to deteriorate. This is where poor choices in the shape of bad technique or exercise choices can lead to increased injury risk. If you feel you have a weak foundation and need some help to get started with a simple, balanced body weight only program you are in luck.

The program below is designed to target the full body with a focus on using multi-joint exercises to burn more calories. The more muscles involved in a movement the more energy our body will burn to complete them. You can even do this program in the comfort of your home!

Benefits of bodyweight training:

·         Increased energy levels

·         Improved sleep quality

·         Decreased stress levels

·         Increased lean muscle mass

·         Simple and effective way to burn calories

·         Strengthens bones and joints

·         FREE!

·         Full Bodyweight Program Circuit

To perform this bodyweight circuit, there are 4 movements that are to be performed one after the other starting from movement 1 through 4 and rest as needed after completing each set of movements. Complete the circuit for 5 rounds/sets.


Movement Sets Reps Cues
Bodyweight squats 5 x15


-Engage core

-Upright torso

-Knees are aligned with toes

Push-ups 5 x10


-Wrist stacked over the shoulders

-Elbows at 45 degrees

-Engage core + Glutes

Forward Lunge 5 x8 each leg


-Knees and toes aligned

-Upright torso

-Bend the back leg to 90 degrees

Plank 5 30-45s -Engage core + glutes

-Keep a straight posture through upper to lower back without arching the lower back