The TTC has a couple of exciting announcements for the start of the school year. They are improving service on over 30 bus routes throughout the city and adding some new express routes. Many existing express routes will also be renumbered to a 900-series number to distinguish them from other bus and streetcar routes. The TTC describes the new system as “Easy. Expanded. Express.”

You can identify the new Express Network routes by looking for green route number marker – or “lozenges” as they call them – on TTC stop markers, maps and signs throughout the city. On stop markers, you’ll also find a badge indicating that a stop is served by an Express Network route.

The 134C Progress will see increased service with increased funding in 2018 to give much-needed service improvements and address overcrowding. Part of the service improvement will also include a new 913 Progress Express service to Centennial College operating express in the peak direction (college bound in the AM, towards STC in the PM peak).

Northbound stops (AM Peak): Scarborough Centre Station, Triton Road at McCowan Road, Progress Avenue at Markham Road, Progress Avenue at Roadway to Centennial College, Centennial College Progress Campus.

Southbound stops (PM Peak): Centennial College Progress Campus, Progress Avenue opposite Roadway to Centennial College, Progress Avenue at Markham Road, McCowan RT Station, Scarborough Centre Station.

902 Markham Road Express is an exciting addition to the Express Network routes. The TTC has reorganized the route by reducing the number of 102A buses to Centennial College and added more replacement service with the new 902 express route. It will run express from Warden Station to Sheppard Avenue with stops at Centennial College Progress Campus.

905 Eglinton East Express (formerly 198 U of T Scarborough Rocket) This is simply a renaming of the former route and will keep the same bus stops.