Welcome to the fall semester and the CCSAI! This is truly an amazing place to study and an amazing community to be a part of. I have had the privilege to work with outstanding Board of Directors to prepare for the year and set up our programming for the fall.

Some of our main goals are to engage with students to raise their awareness of services, events, and opportunities available. We also want to focus on centralizing student concerns to ensure that we capture your needs and are able to advocate effectively.

We are always working hard to better serve you and have set seven goals for this year to help us be responsive and accountable to you:

– Provide online options for all of CCSAI initiatives and
services to allow everyone to access them.

– Develop a feedback model and data-driven decision-
making model to ensure your voice is being heard in
all of our decisions.

– Create intentional personal interactions with our
students (You!).  We want to be the people you say “hi”
to in the halls every day and the people you can talk to
about how to make your journey at Centennial amazing.

– Collaborate with different departments at the College to offer a larger variety of services and opportunities for you.

– Develop an external network of organizations that helps us advocate for your needs as a student.

– Ensure that all we provide is inclusive of our entire student

– Create an evaluation protocol that allows us to measure
the success of our services and activities and help us
improve them according to your needs.

We are all excited for the semester and want to work hard to ensure your voice is heard and we can accomplish all of these goals.

We hope we can help you set the tone for your studies at Centennial. If you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback or concerns feel free to reach out to me, your campus representatives, or visit any CCSAI office.